Soap Collection

 “No one likes to look dirty.  A brand new bar of soap lets someone present him or herself with dignity, keep hands clean and stay healthy.  Those simple things are some of the very building blocks to success”.  These are words from the Lutheran World relief website about their soap project.  

Our Ministry

In the 12 months ended September 30, 2014, the people of St. John's collected 500 pounds of soap and shipped it to the LWR warehouse in New Windsor, Maryland. This year, St. John’s Lutheran had a goal of reaching 500 pounds again.  During the month of March there was a tub in the Welcome Center and for every 5 pounds of soap collected we put a “bubble in the tub” (a balloon).  When we reach our goal of 500 pounds of soap, Pastor William agreed that he would dress up like Ernie (from Sesame Street) and sing the Rubber Duckie song.  Bars of soap were collected from St. John's amazing congregation as well as help from the community.  We surpassed our goal and ended up with 800 pounds!!  As promised and on Sunday March 28th Pastor William dressed as Ernie and sang the Rubber Duckie Song.  This is just one more of the over 20 mission that St. John’s Lutheran Church in Somonauk takes part in.  To find out more about this you can call the office at 815-498-3667.

pastor as Ernie

Everyone is always welcome to join us in our missions

Getting Involved

Our soap collection takes place in March of each year.LWR requires that bars of soap must be in their original wrapping.  Bath size bars (4 – 5oz) are highly preferred any variety is welcome.



More Information

Contact the church office.

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